Umar Akmal has hurled out his frustration in public

Umar Akmal has hurled out his frustration in public about him not being given enough respect by the Pakistan board and the support staff of the national team.

Umar is currently out of the Pakistani side across all formats and he has recently also found himself out of the list of the players whom the board has handed annual contracts.

But, his frustration is nothing to do with the fact that he has been denied the contract.

The reason he is upset and is feeling disrespected is because nobody is paying any attention to him at the NCA where he has gone to better his fitness.

As per Umar, when he sought the assistance of the national support staff at NCA, he was told that he couldn’t have that as he didn’t have the annual contract anymore and it was only the right of the contracted Cricketers to have the access of the national support staff.

He then took his case of the head of the selection committee and former skipper Inzamam, but, he told him that if he had any issues with regard to the support staff, he should rather contact the head coach and not him.

So he contacted the head coach thereafter, but the reaction of the head coach left him absolutely baffled because he was so disrespectful to him and used abusive words for him and he didn’t do that in private. He actually did that in Inzamam’s presence and Inzamam didn’t try to stop him and that hurt him a lot.

Yes he might not have the annual contract at the moment, but he has also served Pakistan Cricket and served it with distinction and anybody can’t just disrespect him in that fashion and that too for no valid reason.


A domestic abuse charity Women’s Aid has condemned the “soft sentence” handed out to a cricket star Mustafa Bashir.

The local league cricket star was involved in a domestic abuse case where he admitted hitting his wife, but the judge faulted the position of his wife, handing out soft landing to the player.

The Chief Executive of the charity Polly Neate condemned the sentence in strong terms.

“The horrific assaults and controlling behaviour that FakharaKarim endured are completely unacceptable; and a softer sentence on the basis that ‘she is not a vulnerable woman’ is shocking. It is a complete fallacy that only a certain type of woman can become a victim of domestic abuse. In fact, perpetrators target women of all ages from all section of society,” she said.

The pair met in their home country Pakistan in 2013 where they got married before they emigrated. The 33-year old husband is believed to be the controlling time and he admitted occasional assaults on his wife during the course of prosecution.

The prosecutor Roger Brown revealed that the accused hit his wife so hard that she lost consciousness on New Year’s Eve in 2014. He added that Bashir used the cricket bat in the bedroom to hit her before declaring that he did not use full power as she “would be dead.”

The judge gave him a two years suspended sentence then asked him to attend a ‘building better relationships’ workshop. The judge Richard Mansell QC said he was “not convinced she [the wife and victim] was a vulnerable person.”

“Sometimes women who moved from their country become trapped in a relationship where they lose their support network of family and friends and cannot speak the language,” the judge added, drawing the ire of Miss Neate.

“Abusers often isolate their partners from family and friends, undermine their confidence or take control of their money as a way of ensuring they can control them. This is why it is so important to understand the nature of domestic abuse and the impact on victims,” Neate added.

MS Dhoni is taking quite a bit of interest in Pitch preparation

MS Dhoni is taking quite a bit of interest in the pitch preparation that is currently going on in Ranchi for the next game between India and Australia.

This is the first time that Ranchi has got an opportunity to organise an international match of the longest format and MSD wants the pitch to be totally appropriate for it.

Before Ranchi, Pune had also made its debut as a test match centre earlier in the season and it ended up tarnishing its reputation by coming up with a pitch which offered massive spin from the first minute of the match itself.

As per the chief grounds-man, what MSD is looking for is a pitch which is typically Indian in nature and typically Indian in nature means it is not excessively quick and bouncy, but, it doesn’t spin straightaway either.

There has got to be some runs scored as well and most importantly, the game has to go on to its full extent because it’s only then that a player’s capability can be tested.

If the conditions happen to be bad at the beginning and remain bad right through, it becomes a bit of a lottery and the result then doesn’t reflect the true skills of the two teams as was the case in Pune.

And from the point of view of the audience, they also don’t get their money’s worth in that case as they don’t get to see 5 days of Cricket. The match generally gets over much before that.

Jos Buttler concentrates more on Strike Rate

Jos Buttler says one of the things he pays a lot of attention to in white-ball Cricket is his rate of scoring and also how much his fours and sixes have contributed in getting him his eventual strike rate?

Buttler believes if he excludes his boundary balls from his innings and finds out that he is still not a lot behind the strike rate of 100, it would please him because it would mean that he’s constantly getting the singles and twos which remains his aim all the time.

Buttler is from that set of players who instead of playing in the V straight down the wicket are expert in playing in the V on the backside and in his opinion, more than the quality protective gears and thick willows, what has caused such shots to be manufactured is the willingness of the players to explore more options to score runs.

As per the Lancashire glove-man, the reason such shots were never seen in the older time was that nobody attempted it and the batters were happy just being conservative.

However, nowadays, people are looking for different options which can get them a boundary and if the area to get the boundary is behind the stumps, so be it.

Buttler is presently out of the scheme of things for the longest format as far as England national team is concerned, but, he says whenever he is back in 5-day Cricket, he would not be in any conundrum regarding his game as he had been in during his first go. He would now be instinctive and if he sees a ball he thinks he can drive, he will drive it without thinking about the flak it would bring him if it lands in a fieldsman’s hands in the slip cordon.

Alastair Cook sacked from World Cup Squad

Alastair Cook was sacked as England One Day captain because of his poor form.

The logic was that the team couldn’t be playing in the World Cup under somebody who himself was not confident about his game.

But, in that case, the charge should have been given to a player who had been having great run in all forms of the game in the recent past and going that way, the obvious candidate was Joe Root.

But, the English selectors agreed on putting the onus on Eoin Morgan who was perhaps in worse form than Cook.

It looked a very wise decision first up when Morgan slammed a hundred in his very first game as permanent captain. But, ever since, he has been struggling to even open his account.
Yes, in the last 4 matches that the English captain has batted in, he has been dismissed on duck in three of them and awaiting him on Saturday is a much anticipated World Cup game against the host nation Australia.

Knowing Aussies the way they are, they would be right into the ears of Morgan the moment he steps onto the Melbourne Cricket Ground with a bat in his hand.

In that sort of scenario, the Middlesex man can’t be expected to lead the English side with complete authority.
But, the Cricket gods have never been unfair to anyone. The tides definitely turn around if you hang in there for long enough and that’s what Morgan has to do at the moment. Just hang in there.

The expectations are not there anyway. Nobody would be surprised if Australia beats England on 14th. So, there is not much to lose. Morgan needs to relax.
At times as skipper, you tend to overdo things and that affects your own game too.

Ben Stokes should have been picked for WC 2015

There has been a general opinion that Ben Stokes should have been picked in the World Cup team of England.

Stokes, who had risen as a superstar on England’s Ashes tour to Australia, went down the pecking order last summer after a cluster of low scores against Sri Lanka and India.

However, just because of the way Stokes had batted in Australia last time around, he was in the frame for the World Cup, but, the English selectors decided that they should make the selection on the basis of recent performances of the players and thus, the all rounder missed out.

According to some of the former players, the reason behind Stokes’ failure especially in One Day Internationals was him batting low down the order. He is a shot maker and not somebody who just slogs cross batted. If he had been made to bat higher, he perhaps would have provided better returns to the team than he did.

In the games that Stokes played versus India, he batted at 7, sometimes even at 8 and that was certainly a few positions too down for him. So, what the former players are saying, that might be true.

Anyone who saw Stokes batting the other day in the Big Bash League for the Melbourne Renegades would definitely think that the 23-year old was hard done by the national selectors.

Stokes is currently smashing them in BBL there in Australia and the English selectors might be wondering somewhere if they made the right call or if they would have been better off going with the highly talented Durham guy who can be quite useful bowling seam up as well.

It remains to be seen how the players who have been preferred ahead of Stokes for the World Cup go in the next two months.

Finn Confident on his Bowling Performance

The fast bowler of the England Cricket team, Steven Finn, has said that his bowling is going pretty well at the moment and although he did not get that many wickets in the previous game, he did a pretty good job with the ball.

England lost the last game against Sri Lanka by 8 wickets.

The hosts were chasing 180 odd and they got the job done easily. At the start, they had a bit of a hiccup with Finn getting one of the openers out and Moeen Ali chipping in too with a wicket, but, thereafter, it was an easy ride for them.

During that game, Finn attacked Tillakaratne Dilshan with a number of short pitched deliveries up front.
Many people thought at this point in time when a batsman has just been killed by a bumper; it was not the right thing to do for Finn.

However, the Middlesex man himself does not think that he should not have done that to Dilshan.

According to Finn, the laws of the game can’t be changed because of that tragedy. People need to accept it and move on. Bowling bouncers is one of the ways by which a bowler can put batsman into trouble.

When being told about his criticism for bowling those bouncers, Finn said, “Well, I am out there to get the batsman out of his comfort zone. I have to use all the things that are there in my repertoire to unsettle him and bouncer is one of them. I understand that people are thinking a little differently right now, but, in my opinion, the game should go on like this. There’s no need to change anything.”

When asked how he would rate his bowling in the second ODI, Finn said, “I think it was pretty good. When good shots get played on your bowling, you can’t do anything about it and they did play some good shots. But, the ball was coming out of my hands pretty well and I was hitting the marks that I wanted to.”

Tredwell should play in every match

The off spinner of the England Cricket Team, James Tredwell, is in the national squad that will make its way to Sri Lanka next month for a long One-Day International series.
Tredwell is the only specialist spinner in the squad and considering the nature of Sri Lankan pitches, he should play in every match.
It’s an opportunity for Tredwell to establish his place in the XI. Currently, he is in competition with the Worcestershire player Moeen Ali who seems to be developing pretty quickly as a bowler.
Moeen still can’t be called a full bowler though, but, the way he is making the strides, he would be there pretty soon. The conditions in Sri Lanka are only going to help him.
Barring Sydney, there is hardly any venue in Australia-New Zealand where the spinners have their say. So, England would probably include only one spinner in the XI in most of their World Cup matches and if Moeen shows in Sri Lanka that he is good enough to complete his quota of 10 overs in every match without conceding over an economy rate of 6, he would be preferred over Tredwell as he can bat too and can bat well.
Tredwell definitely has more control over his direction, but, the Kent veteran doesn’t turn the ball that much unlike Moeen who not only has a pretty good off break delivery, but, has a straighter one too which after drifting in a little for the right hander just holds its line and takes the outside edge on most of the occasions.
Tredwell and Moeen would be bowling in tandem on Sri Lankan pitches. Watching them bowl there together would give Alastair Cook a fair idea who would suit better to the conditions down under.

Flintoff May Play In Australia

Andrew Flintoff’s fans might see him playing in Australia towards the end of this year as the veteran all rounder has made it clear that he has received offers from several BBL sides and he would take a decision on that soon.
Flintoff has recently started playing competitive cricket again. He has featured in a few T20 games for his county Lancashire and although, he hasn’t looked like the same, old great player that he was, he hasn’t been totally out of sorts either. He has definitely got a yard slower and that’s not a surprise as he doesn’t possess young legs any more. At the age of 36, you can’t expect people to turn up and deliver at 145 kph.
Flintoff’s performance with the bat has been pretty okay too. He had almost got his team home in that Natwest T20 blast final. Walking in to bat at number 9, he hit two towering sixes in his 8-ball inning and scored 20 not out which would have certainly left the Lancashire team management wondering whether they should have sent him to bat higher up the order.
In his interview at the end of that match, when Flintoff was asked if he had been contacted by any of the BBL teams, he said, “Yes, I’ve been approached by a few of them and I will think about it.”
“I haven’t had the opportunity to feature in the domestic circuit of Australia ever. So, it’s something new and it would be enjoyable I guess.”
When asked if at any point of time after his retirement, he had thought he would be back playing for Lancashire again, the all rounder said, “Not at all. I’d been told that it would be impossible for me to run. So, it never seemed to be a possibility to me. But, the unthinkable has happened and I can only feel happy about it.”

Flintoff Says Jadeja And Anderson Is Not Good For Game

Andrew Flintoff believes that what happened in Nottingham between the Indian all rounder Ravindra Jadeja and the English fast bowler James Anderson is not good for the game at all.

In the first test match between India and England which had taken place at Nottingham, Anderson was continuously having a verbal go at Jadeja in the morning session of the second day.

Thereafter, when the two teams were going off the field for a 40-minute break at the end of the session, Anderson tried to get physical with Jadeja. A couple of people who saw the incident say that he tried to push the left arm spinner.

That behaviour of Anderson got the Indian captain MS Dhoni pissed off and he asked the manager of the Indian team to lodge complaint against the Lancashire quickie.

The England Cricket Board is believed to be unhappy with the complaint lodged by India as according to them, the spat was just a minor one and the issue would have been sorted out if the two parties had talked.

According to the reports coming, the BCCI also wanted the compromise, but, Dhoni was not ready for it. He clearly told his board that such kinds of things have happened with his players in the past too and he is in no mood to tolerate now.

ECB is also supposed to be planning to lodge complaint against Jadeja. One of their officials told the media persons yesterday that it’s the Indian player who provoked Anderson to react in that manner.

If these two players are found on the wrong side, there might be a ban imposed on them. They might get away with a fine as well.

The International Cricket Council would be appointing a special officer to investigate the whole incident.