Jos Buttler concentrates more on Strike Rate

Jos Buttler says one of the things he pays a lot of attention to in white-ball Cricket is his rate of scoring and also how much his fours and sixes have contributed in getting him his eventual strike rate?

Buttler believes if he excludes his boundary balls from his innings and finds out that he is still not a lot behind the strike rate of 100, it would please him because it would mean that he’s constantly getting the singles and twos which remains his aim all the time.

Buttler is from that set of players who instead of playing in the V straight down the wicket are expert in playing in the V on the backside and in his opinion, more than the quality protective gears and thick willows, what has caused such shots to be manufactured is the willingness of the players to explore more options to score runs.

As per the Lancashire glove-man, the reason such shots were never seen in the older time was that nobody attempted it and the batters were happy just being conservative.

However, nowadays, people are looking for different options which can get them a boundary and if the area to get the boundary is behind the stumps, so be it.

Buttler is presently out of the scheme of things for the longest format as far as England national team is concerned, but, he says whenever he is back in 5-day Cricket, he would not be in any conundrum regarding his game as he had been in during his first go. He would now be instinctive and if he sees a ball he thinks he can drive, he will drive it without thinking about the flak it would bring him if it lands in a fieldsman’s hands in the slip cordon.