Tim Gilbert, one of Nine’s presenters

While a lot of people are slamming Channel Nine for including David Warner in their commentary team for Australia’s upcoming ODI series against England, the channel has defended itself for getting the dashing Australian left hander on board.

As per the authorities of Channel Nine, the ban imposed on Warner disallows him to play international cricket or domestic cricket in Australia, but it by no means disallows him to take part in the T20 leagues around the globe or to voice his opinions on the game from behind the mike.

Tim Gilbert, one of Nine’s presenters, just doesn’t see any reason for the channel’s move to be taken in a negative way. In his opinion, what Warner did was a mistake and he has not hidden that mistake. He has fronted up and has issued a public apology and has been handed a suitable punishment for it which he is serving. The matter is done and dusted.

But just because Warner made a mistake doesn’t mean he can’t get past that mistake and can’t start living his life normally. Like any human being in this world, he also has the rights to use his skills to earn money and support his family and if he is trying to do so by commentating, why would anyone have any problem with that?

“We have been criticized by some, but I don’t understand why. Warner has been banned from playing cricket, but has he been banned from earning money, banned from working? He has a family.” Gilbert was quoted saying by the guardian.

Tom Malone, Nine’s director of Sport, also has the same opinion on this as he reckons everyone deserves to be given a chance to move on from his mistakes and there is no reason why Warner shouldn’t get that chance.

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