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My Talking Tom

My Talking Tom free download torrent

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My Talking Tom is a virtual home toy with Talking Tom Cat star and Talking Tom Cat 2. You have to keep Tom happy by feeding him, swearing him, bringing him to the toilet, sleeping and playing games with him. .

More interactive than ever

My Talking Tom stores the same basic features as the programTalking Tom Cat, but goes a little further, giving you a lot more and more in the role the owner can throw.

You can still do all the standard things that you could do in Talking Tom Cat and other Outfit 7 conversationalanimal games, namely that Tom repeat what you speak with high voice and communicatewith him, touching it differently. But the My Talking Tom format is now more like a virtual home game, Pou. There is more to do with your cats, such as playing mini games, adjusting its appearance, choosing food and decorating Tom’s home to choose from.

Another great featurethere is an opportunity to make a video of your Tom to share with the world.

New items in “My Talking Tymon” require points of the game that you can earnif you are riding or can buy. There is a leveling system that allows you to organize time by spending time on the cat and making surethis that his needs meet. When you become higher, you unlock new items and items in the store.

In my Talking Tom there are mini-games like kick-a-mole, which gives you the chance to win coins and satisfy Tom’s entertainment needs.

How do I play in my speech volume

Liketo Pow (and in this regard, the Tamaguchi), your beloved in My saying Tom, certain “needs” that must be fulfilled.They are displayed by the circular meters at the bottom of the screen, which are slowly exhausting and need to be filled in by performing a certain action. This principle is easy to understandand when you play in my Talking Tom for the first time, these concepts are well shown to you.

Four requirements: entertainment (again filled with Talking Tom for pets or mini-games), nutrition (again againfactured with food in the mouth), bladder (again filled, bringing it to the toilet) and fatigue (againfilled by Tomin bed and turns off the light). To perform one of these actions, simply tap the corresponding counter icon.

What does he look like?

The graphics and general presentation in My Talking Tom does not develop after Talking Tom Kett 2. The cat still looks the same in many respects (thoughyou can adjust it more), and his creak voice is identical. It also seems that Tom is the only character that appears in the game (for example, there is no sign of his friend Talking Angela, or his annoying neighbor, Talking Benthe Dog.

An interesting feature of My Talking Tom is the ability to visit homesother players and see how they build these buildings are settled. You can also search for treasure havens where you can collect more coins.

There is also a mini-game where you have to guess what Tom wears, which is pretty fun, especially for young players.


If you are a fanTalking Tom Cat or Pow, you will enjoy My Talking Tom, because it combines the best of the two. Some people have the opposite, the process of keepinga cat busy and repetitive.