Flintoff Says Jadeja And Anderson Is Not Good For Game

Andrew Flintoff believes that what happened in Nottingham between the Indian all rounder Ravindra Jadeja and the English fast bowler James Anderson is not good for the game at all.

In the first test match between India and England which had taken place at Nottingham, Anderson was continuously having a verbal go at Jadeja in the morning session of the second day.

Thereafter, when the two teams were going off the field for a 40-minute break at the end of the session, Anderson tried to get physical with Jadeja. A couple of people who saw the incident say that he tried to push the left arm spinner.

That behaviour of Anderson got the Indian captain MS Dhoni pissed off and he asked the manager of the Indian team to lodge complaint against the Lancashire quickie.

The England Cricket Board is believed to be unhappy with the complaint lodged by India as according to them, the spat was just a minor one and the issue would have been sorted out if the two parties had talked.

According to the reports coming, the BCCI also wanted the compromise, but, Dhoni was not ready for it. He clearly told his board that such kinds of things have happened with his players in the past too and he is in no mood to tolerate now.

ECB is also supposed to be planning to lodge complaint against Jadeja. One of their officials told the media persons yesterday that it’s the Indian player who provoked Anderson to react in that manner.

If these two players are found on the wrong side, there might be a ban imposed on them. They might get away with a fine as well.

The International Cricket Council would be appointing a special officer to investigate the whole incident.